June 4

Which way?


The most revolutionary thing happened to me today. And it is only the beginning. The wiser ones among us know that life is the sum of a series of choices that you make. So naturally each decision has its consequences.

Today two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I can only travel one, a gentleman with many enriching experiences is about to show me the way. By a stroke of luck, I have been offered career coaching that lasts a comprehensive six sessions. Did I say free? Weren’t the stars kind?

The first session lasted up to three hours. Somehow I don’t think this is typical of each session but more so because I got along so famously with my coach. Throughout this process, I will identify a series of individual goals that would eventually help unravel my true essence.

Quite simply, what will either make or break this project is my willingness to commit to achieving it.

Those of you who have received career coaching know what I mean. You may even have saved yourself a couple of years by knowing what you want early on. According to my new career guru, everyone has blocks, barriers, challenges (and propensities to procrastination) that can prevent them from working out what they really want, and from taking the action to achieve it.

I’m game, are you?
As they say, a rolling stone gathers no moss. Bring on the wind of change!


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