August 5



Whatever the season, wherever I am, I always feel calmer in the presence of trees. However stressed I feel, somehow a visit to nature can always put things right again.

Tonight, I remember a poem I wrote during a difficult period in my life, which expressed how I felt at the time.

They say patience is a virtue;
there must be some wisdom to that.
I am an old soul today,
but my spirits are gradually being lifted by the day.
It seems that the passing of winter when
Things appear cold and grim,
The trees look bare, and things look dull on the surface,
But if you look deep underground,
The roots have begun to spread,
The flow of sap relies on the extreme temperatures,
And so the changes are inevitable,
All in preparation for nature’s promise of spring,
When all lives come into beautiful forms and colours,
All in a renewed vigour and hope.


calming, oak tree, trees, weeping eastern hemlock

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