I help businesses craft their unique stories through video content

I am a PhD-trained Communications Consultant, Commercial Model/Presenter and the Founder of ADHD Girls.

I built a communications consultancy helping my clients within academia, pharmaceutical, healthcare and corporate sector convey their messages via news articles and videos to the wider public. My clientele are some of the best known names in their industries – Rolex, The Lancet, the Oncology Data Network (IQVIA), Imperial College London and the BBC.

Utilising my expertise in communications, marketing, and presenting, I built ADHD Girls, a company with a social mission to empower girls and women with ADHD through effective advocacy, education and specialist’s insights.



I work with you to produce the videos you need in your marketing funnel. My editor and I specialise in producing remote videos for digital channels as well as repurposing your existing footage into a new video. For example of what I do in the remote video production space, see the videos where I speak to world renowned mental health professionals in my startup ADHD Girls.


I have over a decade of experience in communications and branded content video production. I have vast experience in content strategy, virtual interviews, presenting and producing videos that engage your audience. As the Founder of ADHD Girls, I host the platform for our Conversation with women with ADHD awareness campaign, which has been said to be a refreshing perspective of the uplifting, strength-based model of ADHD.



I am well placed in marketing translation or transcreation. My understanding of the interpreting, translating, transcreating and transcribing process gives me the innate advantage to coordinate a production which require different languages. See our client’s testimonials.


A selection of news articles and videos produced as a result of interviews I conducted.
For more recent portfolio of remote videos I created, head to ADHD Girls YouTube channel.
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