Dr. Samantha Hiew

Multi-Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur, Intersectionality & Neurodiversity Professional Speaker, Scientist, Storyteller, Women's Empowerment &  Intersectional Inclusion Champion

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With a knack for "Thinking Like a Scientist, but Speaking Like a Human" and using humour to energise her audience, Sam bridges the empathy gap by humanising neurodiversity & intersectionality to foster connection, belonging and psychological safety.

Sam works with teams to tailor talks based on the event aims while bringing her collective insights from lived experience research with the neurodiverse community. 

Expertly weaving neuro-, psycho- and physiological-sciences into the context of people's lives to explain the human condition, her talks demystify human relationships and transform workplace culture. She then works with clients to embed positive changes within organisations. 

Following Sam's neurodiversity & intersectionality training:  

  • 99% felt seen and validated, and 92% said they’re encouraged to champion intersectional  neurodivergents
  • 86% said it showed them how to spark positive conversations and actions  in their own sphere of influence
  • 88% said they’re keen to become an ally or sponsor to intersectional  neurodivergents

Speaking Topics by Dr. Samantha Hiew

Neurodiversity & Integration: Bridging Two Worlds 

No two brains are the same. But what if you were born with a brain that  constantly makes you feel like everything you do differentiates you from everyone else?

Sam’s Neurodiversity & Integration talk: 

  • Introduces Neurodiversity in the context of society
  • Casts light on misconceptions of neurodiversity and illustrates our  neurodiverse experiences of ADHD, autism, dyslexia, Tourette Syndrome
  • How our neurodiverse experiences impact the workplace and one’s quality  of life
  • Provides actionable insights to build a neuroinclusive and compassionate  culture, promoting psychological safety
  • Sparks positive conversations and actions in the workplace

This training was rated 5 out of 5, with the following feedback “Samantha  was fantastic… I could have listened to her for another hour. Lots of  comments and questions from the audience too”.

Keynote by Samantha Hiew

Humanising Neurodiversity at Work

In understanding the neurodiversity movement, have we stopped to  understand the human side of neurodiversity?

How the place we begun from and where we are in life impact how our neurodiverse experiences show up at  work?

Sam’s Humanising Neurodiversity talk:

  • Introduces Neurodiversity alongside Intersectionality
  • Illustrates how our neurodiverse experiences differ among intersecting  identities and impact how we show up in life and work
  • Provides insights into lived experiences of intersectional identities
  • Shares actionable recommendations to fast-track your competency in supporting neurodivergent colleagues and harnessing the strengths of a  neurodiverse workforce
  • Catalyses positive actions and conversations at work

This training was given 5-star reviews by past clients. 

Keynote by Samantha Hiew

Female Neurodiversity at Work

The sharp rise in ADHD and autism diagnoses in women over the last two years is seeing more of our female colleagues looking for answers and what areas they can get support in.

Sam’s Female Neurodiversity keynote:

  • Begins with Sam’s story that led to creating ADHD Girls and working to fulfil her dual mission to empower women and girls with ADHD to thrive  in society
  • Illustrates the diversity in our female neurodiverse (ADHD & Autism) at  different life stages
  • Provides acute insights into our female neurodiverse experiences that  need more understanding and what good support looks like in the  workplace
  • Shows how intersectionality can put up barriers to diagnosis and how we  can overcome this
  • Provides recommendations of focus areas to champion female  Neurodivergents at work, build a compassionate culture
  • Sparks positive conversations at work.

This training has been described as “the most insightful and powerful  session I’ve attended in the industry”.

Keynote by Samantha Hiew

ADHD & Autism Workplace Adjustments and  Wellbeing 

High achieving autistic and ADHDers have one thing in common, their careers are powered by their special interests and ability to channel their  natural abilities to their work. The 140-200% productivity levels of AuDHDers  can power teams to great success but often lends themselves to burnout.

Sam’s ADHD & Autism Workplace Adjustments & Wellbeing keynote:

  • Provides deep insight into the strengths and challenges or ADHDers and  autistics in the context of the workplace
  • Explains the principles of an Autistic and ADHDer’s interest-based nervous  system
  • Introduces the ADHD Owner’s Manual, the principles that are necessary for  ADHDers to get in the zone and harness their strengths
  • Demystifies reasonable adjustments at work, and what needs-based  support looks like
  • Emphasises the importance of taking time to nurture our wellbeing to  sustain productivity and performance
  • Shares holistic, neurodivergent-friendly strategies to manage stress and  maintain happy and healthy lives

This training has been described as "the best learning experience of my  life”. 

More topics can be found in our Speaker Pack.

Samantha’s Neurodiversity “Deep  Dive” Trainings

Neurodiversity & Leadership Training Masterclasses  

Sam runs half day Masterclasses to dive deep into Neurodiversity & Leadership,  introducing neurodiversity at work and provides practical strategies,  resources, and tools to lead, relate to, and support neurodivergents that  models and promotes psychological safety.  

The modules are bespoke and get to the heart of solving the double empathy problem, through effective communication and understanding  individual experiences. Sam shares the tools to determine and harness the  strengths of neurodivergents and enable them to channel their natural  abilities. This training elucidates the best practices and common pitfalls in  leading a neurodiverse team and what tailored reasonable adjustments at  work look like. Our insights are built on the foundation of lived experience research and events-based learning from our ADHD Best Practice at Work conference, industry conferences and panels. 

More details can be found in Sam’s training brochure.

Samantha’s Neurodiversity “Deep  Dive” Trainings

ADHD & Autism in the Workplace: Tools to Thrive   

Sam provides a holistic ADHD & Autism management programme for Autistic  and ADHDers in the workplace to promote a better understanding of their  strengths and challenges, so they can learn how to succeed at work through  managing their ADHD and working as a team. We also dive deep into pre and post-diagnostic support, sharing tips, resources, and tools to enhance neurodivergent's wellbeing via a holistic look at medication, nutrition,  lifestyle, and support systems.  

This programme includes the ADHD Owner’s Manual workbook, 100  reasonable adjustments for ADHD at work and is suitable for  neurodivergents with ADHD and autism looking for support within employee  resource groups. 

About Samantha Hiew

Dr Samantha Hiew is a multi-award-winning professional speaker, scientist, and social entrepreneur with a knack for telling stories that enlighten, empower, connect, and heal.

With a background in communications and medical science PhD, she specialises in using science to demystify human behaviour in all sections of life in our modern society.

Sam's work bridges two worlds - those with lived experiences of neurodivergence & those without - so we work towards unity within society.

Sam founded
ADHD Girls when she was diagnosed with ADHD at 40 and identified as autistic, dyspraxic, and Touretter.

With unique insights from living on the cusp of two cultures, ethnicity and class, balancing motherhood and career across 16 sectors, Sam knew there were hidden stories of neurodivergents from underrepresented groups across eclectic life circumstances and worked to uncover them.

Built on collective insights from the neurodiverse community, Sam champions neurodivergent women’s empowerment and intersectional inclusion through storytelling, weaving neuro-, psycho-, and physiological sciences to humanise neurodiversity and intersectionality.

Sam’s talks illuminate the spectrum of human experience and struggles, bridge the empathy gap, and foster a sense of safety and belonging in oneself and the collective - sparking conversations and igniting positive actions.

Sam's work has been recognised with Difference Maker, Rising Star, Storyteller, Innovation and Excellence (Women's Mental Health Initiative 2023), Positive Role Model for Gender (finalist), Stereotype Buster and Community Choice awards.

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Social media & videos interviews exploring the intersection of neurodiversity and culture, race, and being a high achiever

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ADHD Girls: Helping the world thrive in the face of neurodivergence
Samantha Hiew was featured as a thought leader in Neurodiversity and Women’s Empowerment in this issue of Research Features.
Dr Samantha Hiew announced as a finalist for Positive Role Model for Gender for National Diversity Awards!
Sam was shortlisted from 90,000 nominations for the Positive Role Model Award for Gender for her work championing women with ADHD and demystifying neurodiversity within society. 
Dr Samantha Hiew won the Rising Stars Award
Dr Samantha Hiew won the Rising Stars Award 2023 by We Are the City, in the Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups Category, for her work in empowering women and girls with ADHD and improving neurodiversity understanding via intersectional lens through ADHD Girls.
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Dr Samantha Hiew took home the Storyteller Award (highly commended)
Sam took home the Storyteller Award (highly commended) at This Can Happen Awards Ceremony
June 14th 2023
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