Samantha Hiew

Founder of ADHD Girls, Neurodiversity & ADHD Keynote Speaker, Award-winning Social Entrepreneur, Scientist, and Storyteller. 

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Keynote by Samantha Hiew

ADHD Workplace Adjustments & Wellbeing

Sam is an accomplished public speaker on all topics related to ADHD and neurodiversity, She delivers a variety of keynote talks derived from her ADHD Workplace Adjustments & Wellbeing programme, and her trainings have been said to be "the best learning experience of my life", "encouraging empathic understanding", "catalysing positive conversations and actions", and "provide a safe space for other neurodivergents at work". 

Sam also provides a holistic ADHD management programme for ADHDers in the workplace that promote a better understanding of their strengths and challenges, so they can learn how to succeed at work through managing their ADHD and working as a team. This programme includes the ADHD Owner’s Manual workbook, 100 reasonable adjustments for ADHD at work and is suitable for neurodivergents with ADHD looking for support within employee resource groups.

This keynote helps ADHDers:

  • Learn all about ADHD, common co-occurring neurodivergence, understanding their strengths, and how to self advocate
  • Know what support they can get & the right way to ask for it
  • Get a toolkit to pursue their diagnosis & protect their wellbeing

Keynote by Samantha Hiew

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

No two brains are the same. But what if you were born with a brain that constantly makes you feel like everything you do differentiates you from everyone else? Her Neurodiversity in the Workplace talk introduces Neurodiversity in the context of society, casting light on ADHD, autism, dyslexia, Tourette Syndrome and how this impacts the workplace. The keynote will go into the female experience in the world of work through an intersectional lens, and the areas to focus on so we can build a compassionate culture, starting with the conversations we have at work.

Sam delivers a more comprehensive Neurodiversity workplace programme that demystifies the roadmap to neuroinclusive culture built on insights from her ADHD Best Practice at Work conference and workplace surveys with her online community of neurodivergents. The programme focuses on creating a culture that feels safe for all neurotypes to thrive on a day to day, improving retention and sense of belonging at work, and stabilising the workforce. This programme is intended for managers, HR, hiring, and the DEI teams.

Other topics by Samantha Hiew

Raising Girls with ADHD

Sam grew up in a family with neurodivergent parents, and is a parent of neurodivergent children herself. She has created this programme aimed at parents and carers of girls with ADHD.

This helps you:

  • Understanding the process of getting your child a diagnosis
  • How to advocate for them to a healthcare professional and protect their self esteem
  • What usually happens during an ADHD assessment

Other keynote talk topics can be found on Sam's Speaker Pack.

About Samantha Hiew

Dr Samantha Hiew is a PhD-trained storyteller with a background in communications and medical science PhD, specialising in demystifying ADHD & neurodiversity. 

Sam's work bridges two worlds - those with lived experiences of neurodivergence & those who don't - so we work towards integration within society. Sam founded ADHD Girls before she was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 40, and has since identified as being an autistic, dyspraxic, and Touretter. 

Sam delivers neurodiversity trainings built on the foundation of lived experience research through surveys, event-based learning, and stories of other neurodivergents.

To fulfil her wider advocacy mission, Sam delivers talks around “Science of ADHD” to the public at large and “Girls and Women with ADHD” to schools, colleges and universities to catalyse a change in minds and hearts, renewing understanding of what life as a neurodivergent truly look like.

With Sam's own insights from living on the cusps of two cultures, ethnicity and class, balancing motherhood and career, working across 16 different sectors, she works to empower other female neurodivergents and champion gender equity at work.

Clients Samantha have worked with

Social media & videos interviews exploring the intersection of neurodiversity and culture, race, and being a high achiever

Speaking in action

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"From the first moment of contact with Sam I was struck by her commitment, passion and professionalism. Sam wanted context, she wanted to talk to our members and find out what they wanted and needed other people to know about their experiences - and what needed to change and why. Sam really cares, and wanted to make the talk we asked her to give as relevant, impactful and powerful as possible. Which she did."

Ed Dupree, Neurodiversity Support, Co-Lead
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"Dr Samantha Hiew supported our business in a speaking event on neurodiversity in the workplace last week. This is a topic earmarked as part of our I&D agenda and to assist the education and awareness of our management team, in support of our people. Wow! What an eye-opening and inspiring piece that has got many a conversation going - exactly what we'd hoped for. Thank you Dr Hiew for sharing your thoughts, recommendations and a truly thought provoking lived experience that many of us can identify with. Definitely recommend!"

Caroline Simoes, Human Resources Director
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"Sam’s talk was incredibly powerful and I believe many attendees got a lot out of it. It was part of a half-day event and many of the points Sam raised in her presentation were brought up in the remainder of the sessions. She was an engaging and inspiring speaker, who expertly wove her lived experience and professional experience into her presentation in a way that added depth and complexity. She discussed the intersections of co-occurring conditions, gender, race, socio-economic privilege and neurodivergence. She provided practical steps and advice around next steps in intersectional neurodivergence. She used great examples to highlight how cultural background, gender, sexuality etc. could impact how neurodivergence would present and why this was a particular issue in terms of diagnosis. Sam's talk was thorough and pitched at an appropriate level."

Pk Kulasegram, EDI Manager
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"I had the pleasure of working with Samantha on a recent webinar around Neurodiversity and ADHD. Sam led the webinar and the feedback we have received from attendees has been phenomenal. Sam was engaging and knowledgeable and her passion for the subject came through. She had both myself and the rest of the audience completely invested for the whole webinar - for me personally, it was one of the best learning experiences of my career so far. I would highly recommend Sam - so much so, we are planning webinar number 2! Thank you Sam!"

Kulbir Kaur, Partnerships Manager
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"I am more than thankful that Samantha gave a talk about Neurodiversity & the Family Lifecycle for our Parents Month May 2022. Sam gave really helpful insights into all the different stages neurodiverse families go through and practical ideas on how to support neurodivergents. It was a really inspiring, eye-opening and comforting talk owed to Sam's very positive and calm attitude of presenting a complex topic. Thanks for creating such a wonderful experience for our colleagues, Sam. You brought this topic so close to people's hearts and raised awareness in such a great way."

Hannah Lang, Diversity & Inclusion, SAP
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