Interpreting and Translating

I am a professional English to Malay interpreter, translator, transcreator, editor, and proofreader based in North West London. I have a proven track record of providing fast, accurate, and high quality English to Malay translation to marketing agencies, law centers, linguistics, and pharmaceutical companies. I have also provided transcription of a 30-minute documentary from Cantonese to English for Alaska TV.


I have worked alongside at least five main linguistics and marketing companies:

Lexicon Linguistics

  • Interpreted for an asylum seeker in an investigation carried out by the UK Border Agency, a domestic worker in an employment tribunal, in cases where it was important for solicitors in a law centre to understand the complaints of foreign immigrants.
  • Translated police documents that were submitted to the counsel.

Capita Translation and Interpreting

  • Interpreted in a market research focus group discussing Dunhill products

Hogarth Worldwide

  • Transcreated, backtranslated, proofread, and copywrote a variety of short and long commercial briefs and TV scripts for Hogarth Worldwide London, New York, and Singapore.
  • Some of my clients for Hogarth included advertising campaigns for Sunsilk, Microsoft Windows, Shell, Kotex (for Ogilvy & Mather), Motorola, Panadol, and Mattel, with frequent return of business.

MVF Global

  • Translated Google Ad Words and keywords for this lead generation company.

Alaska TV

  • Transcription of a 30-minute documentary, ‘The Proposers’, from Cantonese to English for Alaska TV’s submission  intended for TV broadcast on a robustly tight deadline.

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