How to survive Moscow’s -17 deg winter

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by samalita on December 24, 2012

Moscow is one of those exotic places that doesn’t do anything by the mediocre – it is either too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. In December, I voluntarily packed my bags and the only Russian phrase I knew – здравствуйте (try saying ‘Does your ass fit you?‘ quickly, which means ‘Hello’ or ‘How’re you’) […]


My San Sebastián

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by samalita on September 2, 2012

The sky was bright and blue on this summer’s day in San Sebastián (Donostia in Basque). Fuelled by the excitement of being in a thriving Basque country, within 10 minutes of our arrival we sunk our teeth into the juicy flesh of big Spanish peaches. Feeling the nourishment of sugar-coated vitamins in our blood, we set off […]


Adventure in the Midi-Pyréneés

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by samalita on August 26, 2012

I saw a beaver! Or was it a platypus? Or so J said. On board the Petit train d’Artouste traveling on Europe’s highest railway line, I was doubtful that any animals could survive an altitude of over 2,000 m (6,562 ft). Yet here they were, not just one but a whole family of marmots. Later, […]


Dancing in the wild

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by samalita on July 15, 2012

Ever since I knew how to walk, I’ve been amazed by dancers. Even before my two left feet knew rhythm, my eyes would feast on the glorious lift in Dirty Dancing, wildly energised hip sway in Lambada, and effortless body popping twitch in street dance. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I’ve […]


Revive my London

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by samalita on July 8, 2012

Some days I blooming love London. After nearly seven years in my adopted country, I have loved it, hated it, left it, longed for it, come back to it, and escaped it. But today I am swooning over it. The fresh essence of the London that I first experienced (as the rose-tinted bespectacled new town […]


In an ideal world

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by samalita on July 5, 2012

In the audience, I watched the girl speak. Her voice was low and it remained in the same tone all throughout her presentation. In an ideal world where men cared for each other and shared their wealth, food, and knowledge, none of this would have happened. Instead since humanity found the ways to reap all […]


Mantanani, the flipside of Borneo

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by samalita on June 26, 2012

I was off the mainland faraway from England. On Mantanani Island in Borneo, J and I were far from anyone we know in our busy lives. The boat that brought us here rode the waves like a novice on a skateboard, at some point we cruised above water in what felt like a freedive.


Rovinj… Land of Romance, Art and Beauty

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by samalita on June 21, 2012

Cruising 30,000 feet in the air I was about to reach Rovinj (roh-VEEN), the picturesque seaside town located north west of Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula. The Italians (who call Rovinj Rovigno) did a great job at keeping this a secret from us for decades. And for a valid reason. If it weren’t for The Daily Telegraph (and subsequently, Sa who […]


When you have spent what felt like eternity in winter sombreness, you can be forgiven to think that summer may never return. You even hold on to that last piece of bikini before thinking of shoving them back to the closet where it rightfully belongs. And then the city hits 28 degrees. You struggle to […]