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I wasn’t always a full time writer. As a young student from Malaysia, I arrived in England in 2004 to read Masters by Research in Cancer Biology and subsequently qualified as a full-fledged scientist with a Ph.D. in Oncology from UCL.

At this turning point, I was offered a postdoctoral position at Harvard Medical School but decided to turn my career into the biggest experiment I had conducted to date – to channel my love for writing into a belief that the forthcoming path holds a promise for the future, or at the very least, a freedom of expression.

I began writing to seek answers to some of the questions in my own life and the world at large. This was good practice for writing feature articles – when my intention to publish a one-time opinion piece in my native country led to an invitation to be a columnist for The Star Publications, Malaysia’s top English-language newspaper.

My scientific degree was deemed useful after all and I was employed by Imperial College London to manage its Academic Health Science Centre’s communications, building its strategy from the ground up.

I am currently living in London with my husband and baby girl.

In the immediate future, I intend to take my little one and husband on a nomadic exploration, refreshing the travelogues which were documented from my trips in Europe, Americas and Asia on the Huffington Post Travel blog.


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Here are 16 juicy and important giveaways about me that not everyone knows.